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News Integrated solution

Intelligent urban rail transit

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Urban rail transit includes metro, light rail, tram, maglev train and various type. Urban rail transit intelligent system includes comprehensive monitoring system, passenger information system, comprehensive security system, communication system, automatic fare   collection system, and signal system.

1.integrated supervision and control system

 Integrated supervision and control system is a kind of huge computer integration system based on modern computer technology, network technology, automation technology, information technology.  System integration and linked to several metro automatic subsystem, mainly integrated environment and equipment monitoring system、power monitoring system、automatic fire alarm system, and linked with other subsystem each other.  Monitoring each major unifiedly under the integration platform, realize information sharing system and linkage control function between each major, improve the operation efficiency, providing informatization basis for realizing modern operation management of urban rail transit.

2.Integrated security system

Integrated security system generally consist of se

curity network subsystem, security integrated manage system, comprehensive television monitoring subsystem, access control subsystem, electronic fence system and the station emergency alarm subsystem.,etc. Achieving entry and exit management, register, real time video monitoring, intrusion detection function for station, car depot, parking lot, equipment and manage room of main substation, gateway, ticketing office, bank and other key area, efficiently protect the metro operating safely. Comprehensive security system and comprehensive monitoring system linked together in central level and station level, recieve control information from comprehensive monitoring system, coordinate the link between comprehensive security system, fire alarm system, equipment environment monitoring system by comprehensive monitoring system.

3.Passenger information system

passenger information system can offer train timetable information, government notice, travel reference, stock information, media news, advertisement and other real time multimedia information under normal situation;  offering dynamic emergency evacuation instructions when fire disaster, block, terrorist attack occurred. Fully improve service level and quality for metro or light rail operation.

4.Automatic fare collection system

AFC for shot,  a kind of ticket management mode widely used for metro/light rail all over the world at present. Automatic fare collection system adopt totally- enclosed operation, charging mode depends on distance and time.  Using contactless IC card and other ticket as a medium, Complete overall process, multitask automatic management of ticket operation like selling, checking in, billing charging,etc through automatic fare collection system computer network system with high security, reliable, and good secrecy performance. 

5.Communication system

Communication system consists of transmission network, official telephone, private telephone, broadcast, wireless communication, clock, power adapter, ground connection and other subsystem, make a comprehensive communication net which can transmit voice, data, picture and kinds information. Communication system transmit voice, data, picture and other information for operation management, train dispatching, equipment monitoring, fire alarm and other system under normal situation.  It also act as communication means under emergency.

6.Signal system

Signal system is the key system equipment to guarantee train operating safe, achieve traffic control and modernization of train operation,improve transportation efficiency. Urban rail transit signal system usually consist of automatic train control system (ATC for short), ATC system includes four subsystem: automatic train monitoring system (ATS), automatic train protection subsystem(ATP), automatic train operation system (ATO), computer interlocking system(CI).  Subsystem formed closed-loop system by information exchange network, achieve combination of ground control and vehicle control, combination of local control and central control, founded a automatic train operation system based on security equipment, integrated traffic control, operation adjustment and automatic train driving together.

Advantage of Urban rail intelligentize system


Adopted advanced computer network technology to realize automatic tracking management of train/vehicle for improving transport efficiency, better communication with railway users for improving transport service.  Adopted advanced information transmission technology instead of traditional track circuit, can meet high efficiency and large capacity information transmission requirement between dispatching center and train group.  Adopted advanced train location, velocity measurement technology, can confirm accurate location and situation of the train.


Intelligentize means transform from traditional control and managed type to knowledge engineering type, it can manage the train and train group like human’s behavior. The former is intelligent train, realize train auxiliary and automatic driving by on-board microcomputer. The latter realized vehicle scheduling, operation management, information service and other function by intelligent workstation at dispatching center.

3.Comprehensive integrated

In recent year, with the progress of science technology and improvement of computer integrated technology, imagination of integrating multi-subsystem by unified platform came true. At present, domestic urban rail transit constructing in large scale, through the unified soft and hard platform provided by comprehensive integrated system, make monitoring information which central dispatching staff and on-duty staff concerned together,  with the support of functional integrated software development platform, finally user can efficiently and conveniently monitor the operation situation of the whole line by graphic man - machine interface. Also realize information share and coordination among different system.

Intelligent urban rail transit

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