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Talent recruitment
  • Oversea sales
    2013 - 12 - 27
    Recruitment: 5 person


    Experience: More than 1 year experience in international trade B2B platform experience
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    Oversea sales,Recruit more people ,Basic Salary+High Sales Commission+Bonuses

    Paid B2B platforms : Domestic and International Exhibitions,Alibaba,Made-in-China,Global Sources,Google.

    Job description and job requirements

    1.Responsible for the development of overseas business market, the operation of foreign trade all the processes, all aspects of the actual experience should be cooked to practice Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources and other platforms. The use of foreign B2B platform and search engine to find ways to customer resources. Proficient in communicating with foreign customers by mail or telephone; fluent in spoken language

    2.More than 1 year experience in international trade B2B platform experience;  computer motherboard, industrial motherboard sales experience is preferred.

    3.Can use English as the first working language, listen, say, read, write accessibility. A small language ability is preferred

    4.Hard work, honesty, self - confidence; a high degree of enthusiasm and good teamwork spirit; a high degree of execution, a strong sense of responsibility and communication skills.

  • Domestic sales
    2013 - 12 - 02
    Recruitment: 1 person


    Experience: More than 1 year
    More  >

    Domestic sales,Recruit more people,Basic Salary+High Sales Commission+Bonuses 

    Job description and job requirements

    1.Responsible for expanding the field of industrial control industry, product sales and promotion

    2.Responsible for the development, follow up customer relationships, good pre-sale, sale, after-sales work 

    3.Good language skills and communication skills, ability to coordinate, strong sense of responsibility and to adapt to business trips

    4.Familiar with computer motherboards, industrial motherboards or computer peripherals and engaged in related industry sales for more than 1 year working experience preferred

  • Hardware Engineer
    2017 - 04 - 27
    Recruitment: 1 person

    Bachelor degree or above

    Experience: More than 2 years
    More  >

    Hardware Engineer ,Recruit one people

    1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics / computer

    2.Proficient in X86 motherboard design and development work, more than 2 years X86 motherboard project development experience

    3.Familiar with X86PC architecture and related industry specifications

    4.Proficient in ALLOGRO and ORCAD software

    5.Famous motherboard development enterprise work experience is preferred

    6.On EMI, SI, structure, heat familiar with the priority

    7.CPCI, COM-E and other industry motherboard design experience is preferred

    8.Have a good teamwork spirit

  • BIOS engineer
    2017 - 04 - 27
    Recruitment: 1 person

    Bachelor degree or above

    Experience: More than 5 years
    More  >

    BIOS engineer,Recruit one people

    1.Bachelor degree or above, computer related professional

    2.More than five years experience in PC architecture BIOS development

    3.Proficient in UEFI BIOS development, proficient in Intel CPU and related chip architecture

    4.Proficient in X86 PC architecture related industry specifications (PCIE, USB, SMI, ACPI and other specifications)

    5.Proficient in EC, MCU developer preferred Have a good teamwork spiril

  • LAYOUT Engineer
    2013 - 12 - 02
    Recruitment: 1 person

    College degree or above

    Experience: More than 3 years
    More  >

    LAYOUT Engineer,Recruit one people

    1.College degree or above

    2.Familiar with X86 motherboard architecture

    3.More than three years computer motherboard PCB LAYOUT design experience

    4.Proficiency in ALLEGRO 16.X software and other auxiliary software, such as: ORCAD, AUTOCAD

    5.Have a certain English foundation, familiar with Intel Layoutguide

    6.There is a certain layout ability, according to the hardware and structure of the file given the effective layout of the device

    7.Skilled power and signal wiring assessment and wiring work

    8.Can complete the project independently (build, NETIN, layout, set rules, wiring, GERBER OUT, output project files)

    9.Have good teamwork skills and communication and coordination skills, how many people work together to complete the project experience

    10.Have a good professionalism and  professional ethics

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