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News Integrated solution

Machine vision

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machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, Mechanical Engineering Technology, control, Electric light source illumination, optical imaging, sensor, analog and digital video technology, computer hardware and software technology, (Image enhancement and analysis algorithm, image card, I/o card. etc).  A typical machine vision application system including image capture, light system, image digitizing module, digital image processing module, Intelligent judgment decision module and mechanical control execution module.

Operational principle

machine vision detection system adopted CCD camera to transform the detected target to image signal, deliver to special image processing system, according to pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, transform to digital signal, image processing system did various operation to these signal to grab target’s feature, such as area, position, quantity, length, then output result according to presetted permissibility and other condition, including size, angel, quantity, qualified/ non-qualified, exist or not, and so on, to realize automatic recognize function.

Application area

Application of machine vision mainly for two aspect, detection and robot vision:

1, Detection: divide to High precision quantitative detection(such as Cell classification of micrograph, Measurement of dimensions and position of mechanical parts) and qualitative or semi quantitative detection without measuring vessel (such as Product appearance inspection, Identification of parts on assembly line,Defect detection and assembly integrity detection).

2, robot vision: Used to guide robot operate and move in large scale, for example, picking workpiece from mixed heap hopper sent, and put on transmission band or other equipment under certain orientation (picking hopper). As to operate and move in small range, that will need aid of Tactile sensing technology

Machine vision


1.Automated Optical Inspection

2.Face recognition

3.pilotless automobile

4.Product quality classification

5.Automatic inspection of printing quality

6.character recognition

7.Texture recognition

8.Tracking location


and other application of Machine vision image recognition.

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