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News Integrated solution

Digital intelligent logistics

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Intelligent logistics attaches importance to the Internet of things, sensor network and the existing Internet integration, through the fine, dynamic and scientific management, to achieve logistics automation, visualization, controllable, intelligent, network, thereby improving resource utilization And the level of productivity, to create a more comprehensive social value of the comprehensive connotation.


In the same year of the concept of intelligent logistics, the State Council "Logistics Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" put forward, and actively promote enterprise logistics management information, and promote the extensive application of information technology; actively develop and use Global Positioning System (GNSS), geographic information system GIS, road traffic information communication system (VICS), non - stop automatic payment system (ETC), intelligent transportation system (ITS) and other new technologies in the field of transportation to strengthen the logistics information system security system.


Subsequently, in 2011, the "General Office of the State Council on the promotion of the healthy development of the logistics industry policy measures" continued to emphasize the strengthening of new independent logistics research and development, focusing on supporting the tracking of goods, radio frequency identification, logistics information platform, intelligent transportation, logistics management software , Mobile logistics information services and other key technology research. Timely demonstration of the application of Internet of Things in the field of logistics. Both policies from the national macro level, emphasizing the play of geographic information systems and other key information technology, in the role of logistics information.


With the continuous development of the logistics industry, intelligent logistics from the concept to the practical application. China and more to start in full swing to promote the development of intelligent logistics.



Shandong Linyi: "intelligent logistics" platform to build efficiency of three into


Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone Economic Work Conference was informed that the first half of this year will start the Internet of things industrial base project, to create "smart logistics" platform. The project is China's first by the Ministry of Industry approved the China Internet of Things logo demonstration base. By then, Linyi enterprise logistics costs at least 10%, the efficiency can be increased by about three percent.



Digital intelligent logistics



It is reported that the project by the purple Co., Ltd. and IBM together to build. Ziguang North District Leader Peng Jia told reporters, "smart logistics" is the use of modern information technology, logistics information to achieve dynamic perception. After receiving the order, the manufacturer seals the product with RFID (RFID) tag and injects the product specific information and delivery destination. Logistics companies in the delivery process, at any time filling the weather, location, traffic and other transport information, will be sent to the 'intelligent logistics' data center. And customers can query the relevant information through the mobile client.


Compared to traditional logistics, intelligent logistics the biggest advantage, or cost savings, improve efficiency. "The intelligent logistics data center can calculate the best transport route 

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