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News Integrated solution

Digital Signage

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Digital signage is a kind of Newest Media conception, Which through the large-screen terminal display equipment, publishing business, financial and entertainment information multimedia professional audio-visual system, applicating shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, theaters and other people gathered in public places.


It is aimed at specific physical sites, a specific time period for a specific group of advertising information broadcast characteristics, let it get the effect of advertising. In overseas, it is also with the paper media, radio, television and the Internet side by side, called "The Fifth Media."

Main features:

1, fool of the program editing interface, the operator without special training, you can use the editor to release software at anytime and anywhere free to publish a variety of text, icons, animation, video, audio information and other digital information into a "digital signage" to release with advertising format. 


2.Easy to maintain. The system automatically to play, no need to manage the operation, even if the terminal player accidental power, when the system will automatically re-power after re-power, without human operation.

3, powerful multi-layer mixed function, support for composite video, component video, HDTV high-definition video and other mainstream formats, to achieve any window, transparent overlay, trick flip, scroll text and other ways of mixed display.

4, With a variety of media performance (video, audio, pictures, animation), called narrow-cast system.


5.A dynamic ad that allows ever to change day by day in content.


6.Similar to the ads on TV ads and web pages, but it is highly targeted, flexible in form, content on demand. So it can borrow a variety of existing production tools (such as: web production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.) mixed use.


7.It combines with the network technology, multimedia broadcast technology and software component development and integration of technology after the integration of new technology, is a user-oriented technology, that is, users can easily learn to produce their own signs.


8、This is a rapidly developing technology, and is maturing, including technology, the market and the structure of the industry will soon become mature.


1, Government, corporate building digital signage

2, The bank private network digital signage

3, The medical industry digital sign

4, Business hall digital signage

5, The chain of digital signage

6, Hotel multimedia digital signage

7, The elevator multimedia digital signage

8, Large exhibition center, competition venues digital signage

9, Community digital signage

10, The traffic industry digital signage

Digital Signage

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