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PIESIA 3.5 D2550-3 mainboard launched

views: 145

Intel D2550-3 based low consumption mainboard with 2 lAN.

September 18, 2012, on the "Autumn New Products Release Meeting". Intel's latest technological achievements and product roadmap displayed to the audience, to the global promotion of a variety of solutions based on Intel's latest embedded technology. 

Between the needs of the customer, Hyper-Threading. Accelerated high-definition Blu-ray CPU memory full plate attached. Strong R & D team. Integrate customers' views the timely launch highly representative of the D2550. 

Atom D2550-3 and the first episode of Atom D2500 has a lot of similarities, for example, or a dual-core, clocked at 1.86GHz, secondary cache 1MB, maximum thermal design power of 10W, standby power consumption 2.7W, but opens the Hyper-Threading Technology support logic like Atom D2700 four-threaded graphics core frequency from 400MHz to 640MHz, in addition to adding support for Blu-ray HDCP, Blu-ray 2.0 HD technology is more suitable for high-definition multimedia entertainment. 

Compared to the previous generation Pine Trail-D, the new entry-level desktop platform Cedar Trail-D upgrade the processor manufacturing process from 45nm to 32nm in architecture does not change too much, only some of the details of the enhanced mainly include: the memory controller no longer supports both DDR2 / 3, and the only support DDR3 and frequency has improved; upgrade graphics core for a new generation PowerVR SGX545 support DX10.1 hardware; increase the display unit, adding video input HDMI DisplayPort, eDP and other digital specifications; enhanced high-definition video decoding capabilities. 

Cedar Trail-D platform still chipset NM10, and will not change in the short term. 

Summary. D2550-3 has a small size, compact structure. High performance and stability characteristics. Has excellent data processing. Network throughput security in life. Is the first choice of the embedded industry. 

One machine can be widely used in home entertainment systems, factory automation, information release system, building automation, intelligent transportation systems, surveillance systems, such as automotive electronics, digital electronics / advertising advertising card (DSA), and healthcare computer, game / game machine, professional medical, textile machinery, electric power, transportation and other line POS cash registers; onboard memory, high stability, a variety of CNC, automotive, medical, aerospace equipment, industrial automation and control, instrumentation, medical equipment, power systems , telecommunications, railway transportation, aerospace, military defense. 


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