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Talent recruitment
  • QC leader
    2017 - 04 - 27
    Recruitment: 1 person

    high school above

    Experience: More than 2 years
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    Qualification for Quality control leader /director

    1.Education background: high school above

    2.Training experience: ISO9001 / TS16946

    3.Work experience: familiar with the quality of staff management and exception handling, with quality management experience for more than two years

    4.Basic skills and professional quality: familiar with the quality inspection process and quality management processes, and familiar with a variety of basic office software, with good psychological quality, leadership, communication and coordination capacity and ability to resist

    Job Responsibilities

    1.Responsible for the daily management and work arrangement of staff of quality department;

    2.Timely and accurate quality control according to the requirements of the implementation of  documents;

    3.Responsible for on - site management, exception handling;

    4.Responsible for checking the BOM list;

    5.Responsible for new product follow - up and feedback;

    6.Document filing and production of internal statements;

    7.Assist IPQC to check the first piece;

    8.Conduct quality meetings every week to review and arrange work;


    9.Coordination with the relevant departments and other arrangements for the leadership of things.

  • Warehouse Keeper
    2017 - 04 - 27
    Recruitment: 1 person

    high school or higher

    Experience: More than 1 year
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    Warehouse Keeper/Manager

    Job Responsibilities


    1.Responsible for the daily collection of storage, hair, deposit management work, and strive to reach the account, card, single, consistent, so that in the library of raw materials and finished products in a good quality state;

    2.In accordance with the number of procurement orders to receive receipts;

    3.Materials into the warehouse management, the correct placement of products;

    4.Warehouse safe work and product custody work;

    5.Responsible for inventory inventory per month, as so to data clear;

    6.Scanning and coding for CPUs

    7.Product sales tracking and docking

    8.Other tasks assigned by supervisor


    1.One year experience in electronic warehouse management, can identify electronic materials, skilled operation "Superdata" "Kingdee" ERP software;

    2.Strong digital concept, the principle of strong, can use the electronic count.

    3.Work seriously responsible, practical work hard.

    4.Full-time high school or higher.

    5.Clear, sensitive to the number, logical thinking strong.

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